This page holds a treasury of journals from past years. The revelations of God are timely and never cease to be relevant.


I see bolts of jewel tone fabrics being rolled out. I ask the Lord, “What are these?” He tells me that new mantles/garments are being created for His loved ones. For too long His people have not looked like the royal priesthood He has called us to, but perspectives/lenses are changing. His people are awakening to true identity. The old garments are from the “old man”. They are remnants of old thinking, old patterns and habits. Just as Adam and Eve suddenly saw their nakedness, My people will suddenly see the ill fitting garments and surrender them and as they do, newly made garments, custom made for each child, will be their covering. This will truly be a makeover! For the Lord says, “I say, the world has not experienced My church in her trueness and beauty until now. Transformation is coming!” Recorded September 29, 2018


The Lord says,” I will begin to mark out the places where My treasures are hidden. I will mark doors, lamp posts, gardens of people, even the ruins and territories once visited, but now forgotten. I will resurrect the dead places that have seemed as though there was no hope. A refining fire will move through my people to rid them of the debris and hindering overgrowth that has slowed their movement or brought them to complacency.”

I see sons of God who have been in hiding or even gated off/closed in. These places were dark, but as the blinds were lifted, gates opened, light came in and the truth/light reveals. For the Lord is shining light on the dark places to expose what needs exposing and He is pruning and with the pruning will come growth and freedom. Recorded October 4, 2018


The Lord says, ” I want My people to stop hitch hiking. No longer are you to hold out your hope for just any traveler to pick you up along the way. These are ministries with movement. Some have destinations. Others are simply joy riding and stopping at any place that has a pleasing view. But, I say, come to Me and ask for an advanced ticket and wait with Me. It is in the waiting that you will gain your sense of direction and insight for what you will take with you. I will show you what is not needed so you can lighten your load of that which is unnecessary.” Recorded October 4, 2018


“Many have been encapsulated with the enemy’s lies. They have been rusted over with deceptions that have caused My truth to be repelled, but no longer, for the power in My word reverberates. Just like the process of conception, so it is with My word. It is impacting the crust of deception and causing a conception of My desire. You will birth the destiny assigned to you. No more delay…My timing is perfect. I will use all things that you have endured in your life time. Nothing is ever wasted. “

“When you feel the contractions begin, do not say, “I can’t!” Instead, put your spiritual eyes on the prize of the process endured. For when you birth forth, you will know joy unlike anything you have known before. I give you the tenacity to endure until life comes and My word manifests in you and from you.” Recorded February 2019


Some people have felt like Lazarus lying in your grave clothes and hidden away from the life they want … God promises. Just like Lazarus, they belong to Jesus, believe in Jesus, but remain bound in their grave clothes. Today Jesus is calling you to come out. Take steps to encounter Jesus outside the cave. Allow your grave bandages to be removed from your hands and feet for you are the hands and feet of Jesus and he is calling you to your destiny.

Rise up and come forth!

Recorded November 2, 2016


It is time. The time has come. Many have reached the end of themselves and they can no longer offer only so much of themselves to the Lord. The old life/old covering has become itchy and uncomfortable like a wool sweater. For many, right now, you are like a sheep that needs shearing so a new coat can come forth. I see many layers that have been piled upon your shoulders…old and tarnished coverings that do nothing but weigh you down. I see old hats and coverings that distort your thoughts. Today, Jesus wants to tear off these grave clothes and coverings that only hide your light, His glory.

Release them.

Allow Jesus to replace them with your true covering, pure and righteous. It will be as new life. You will feel lighter. You will breathe easier. You will see and hear more clearly. You will feel, perhaps for the first time in your earthly life. For what you thought was feeling was so dulled by the weight you’ve carried. It is time to release it all and surrender these grave clothes.

“My people are meant to walk in life and not death, in light and not darkness, in health and not sickness, in wholeness and not brokenness. What are you holding onto? What needs to be released today? What needs to be emptied so I may fill it?”

2 CORINTHIANS 7:1 Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.

EPHESIANS 4:22-24 You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 23 to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24 and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

Recorded November 2, 2016