Snap Out of it! A Word of Wisdom

I am shutting the mouths of the lions. Lately you have been bombarted with lies from the enemy. Lies that say you’ll never break free of these holds on your life. Even those close to you have been used as an instrument of your adversary to further validate these lies. I’m speaking, “SNAP OUT OF IT! DO NOT FALL FOR THE TRAP OF A PAST SEASON!”

If you will turn your eyes to Me and place your trust in what is true, the scheme will not prevail. Trust Me. There are suddenlies on the rise. They will begin popping up everywhere. Many of my children have been calling out for years, even decades, for matters that concern them. Faith has always been the key to unlock the doors that would never seem to open.

Now there is a shift in mindsets and faith is rising in my people. A veil is being lifted so focus can align with My truth. There must be a pressing in though! Do not fall back or faint. Wait upon Me and order will come to your mind. Clarity will come forth. Use your voice and do not keep silent for that is what the enemy wants. He knows the power that rests inside you and for so long he has supressed this by overwhelming you with distractions and deceptions.

Test what you are believing. Evaluate your thought patterns. Are they aligning with My truth? No? Then cast these vain imaginations down. Listen for My voice in stillness. Wait in My presence and I will wash over you-refreshing you-filling you. If you seek any other way, you will grow weary in your efforts. Take My yoke upon you. It is easy and it is light. I will direct your steps.

You have been in a narrow place for some time and it has felt stiffling, but press forward. You are coming into a broad place. Everything has either been for a reason or I have used it for good. NOTHING IS WASTED.


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