Your Story

When sitting with the Lord, I lean into His heart to hear what He wants to share. Below, you will read what I heard Him saying about the importance of your life story.

“Everything has a story. Even a tree sitting in the midst of a forest could tell you about the seasons it has experienced, the trials it endured, friends who’ve come and gone, loss and gain, and how its roots went deeper when it was necessary. But, a tree doesn’t speak, not in the way you speak nor would many care to hear what it has to say. People care when it somehow affects them and touches a place inside them that causes them to relate.”

“You have a story too. It is not a story written by man nor the enemy, but both can impact the timing. Your story is not a script written by man or contrived in a man’s heart. Your story is OUR story and it is the source of all life whether one believes or denies it. Either way, life is impacted so it must be shared and passed on. Just like there are many languages, ethnicities, and cultures; there are endless facets to how OUR story can be expressed.”

“The telling of OUR story is the most important task I’ve called you to and I desire to do such a work in you that this story will bubble up from within with the expression of how you were created. Each of my children carry uniqueness and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing this carried out using the gifts specifically placed in you.”

“Are you a writer? Then write. Are you a speaker? Then speak. Are you a singer or musician? Then sing or play. There are songs not yet played waiting in My music room. Let us compose it together. Are you an intercessor or a watchman? Stand in the gap and stay on the wall. Are you an artist? Compile masterpieces. I want My kingdom gallery to come to earth. Are you a builder? Build. I have blueprints waiting to be fulfilled. Are you seamstress? Seek Me and I will show you patterns from the sewing room of Heaven. Are you a dancer? I placed that seed of passion in you, but I have the water that will cause it to bloom and release Heaven’s fragrance when you move. Even if you are a business owner or manager, I have creative ideas and strategies to pass on. That is your inheritance. That is your privilege as my child. So do not hesitate to ask and I will show you things you’ve not known.”

“Some of you tried in the past and felt that you failed. You let comparison or distractions stop you. I encourage you to try again, but this time do it differently. This time, let’s do a new thing together. Many can create, but only my children can create with anointing that breaks bondages and brings freedom to the captives. Go higher. You are in the world, but you are part of My kingdom and your DNA has changed. It’s time to tap into your kingdom abilities and know who you are and I will finish the story I began in you.”

“Others are waiting to hear, see and know Our story. Go. Be My true expression so that the world may know how great My love is for them. Their story is waiting too and someone will need to hear it.”